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The Forest Department is a governmental department which encourages the multi-sector integration for the planning and management of activities and actions that directly affect the existing forest resources.

Natural resources form the base of Belize’s history and largely its present day economic activities, example the agriculture and tourism input. Forest management supports all these sectors through the maintenance of critical ecosystem services. For example, forests provide necessary soil stability, development and retention in the upland regions thus reduces significant soil erosion, and depositions in low lying areas. Forest protection similarly allows for species diversity, genetic pool maintenance, and creates the needed environment for their interaction. This favors tourism and its sector development.

The Forest Department manages and administers over the forest estate with the consideration of these critical sectors in order for their development to continue in a sustainable manner. At the center of management considerations are also communities; access and benefits of the existing natural resources must be ensured in order for communities to voluntarily participate in its management.