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Belize Forest Department

Belize Forest Department

Our Mission

A results-oriented Department that manages Belize’s forest resources, enabled by informed decision-making and highly motivated and competent staff, in collaboration with partners and stakeholders.

Belize Forest Department

Belize Forest Department

Belize Forest Department

Our Vision

The Forest Department is a competent regulatory agency, sustainably managing forest resources for the long-term benefit of the Belizean people.

Goal 1:

Proactive forest stewardship through Sustainable Forest Management.

Strategic Objective 1:

Foster resilient, healthy, functioning forest ecosystems.

Strategic Objective 2:

Enhance economic, social and environmental benefits of forests through sustainable utilization of forest resources by stakeholders.

Strategic Objective 3:

Deliver focused programmatic strategies with measurable and impactful results. 

Strategic Objective 4:

Maintain no net loss in forest cover in canopy areas.

Goal 2:

Organizational Excellence

Strategic Objective 5:

Enhance collaboration and stakeholder participation for improved efficiency and implementation of FD programs.

Strategic Objective 6:

Create a supportive, cohesive and inclusive work environment, and maintain sustainable forest management expertise through professional development.

Strategic Objective 7:

Build the Forest Department as an efficient and effective service delivery organization.

Strategic Objective 8:

Harmonize and strengthen forest policies and legislation

Strategic Objective 9:

Develop stable, diverse, sustainable sources of finance.

Forest Department Headquarters