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Hunting License

One of the responsibilities of the Wildlife Program is to receive and process permit applications for Hunting Licenses, Dealers Permits, Scientific Research/Collection Permits, Captive Wildlife Permits as well as Import/Export Permits.

Hunting is still a part of Belizean culture and the hunting licenses allow for legal hunting of certain game species. It is via the permitting process that the Forest Department regulates the hunting of game meat for human consumption based on established hunting seasons. 

Hunting License – The WPA makes provisions for 4 types of hunting licenses.  Hunting licenses are required once wildlife is hunted for personal consumption or sale.  The approved license details the type granted, hunting location, species and open season for each of those species permitted for hunting. There are species of wildlife that are fully protected under the Wildlife Protection Act and therefore cannot be hunted even if in the possession of a valid hunting license from the Forest Department.  


Dealers License

This license is necessary for the trade of game meat.  It legalizes the buying and/or selling of game meat that was legally hunted with a valid hunting license.


Captive Wildlife Permits

This permit is issued to regulate the number of wildlife being held in captivity. Note that not all wildlife can be kept as pets. The Forest Department has established protocols to determine which wildlife species can be kept as pets as well as conditions for their proper care.


Scientific Research/Collection Permits

This permit is necessary for any research which is to be carried out in the country. Collection of samples or specimens can only be carried out with a valid scientific research/collection permit.


Import/Export Permit

A permit is required for the import and export of flora and fauna samples and specimens. The Forest Department recommends applicants to verify if other permits, including phytosanitary permits are required for the import and export of flora and fauna.

Hunting License Types

License Type

Belizean 1-day Hunting License


Belizean Annual Hunting License


Non–Belizean 1-day Hunting License


Non-Belizean Annual Hunting License


Dealers License



Belizeans to carry out hunting activities for 1 day.


Belizeans to carry out hunting activities for 1 year.


Non-Belizeans to carry out hunting activities for 1 day.


Non-Belizeans to carry out hunting activities for 1 year.


Sale of game meat for 1 year



$10.00 BZ


$100.00 BZ


$50.00 BZ


$500.00 BZ


$2,000.00 BZ


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